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    Welcome to Jeollabuk-do FTA Support Center.
    Jeollabuk-do Business Agency(JBBA) operates Jeollabuk-do FTA Support Center to provide service for solving the difficulties of SMEs in our province. As the effectuation of FTAs such as Korea-EU and Korea-the U.S., we will help SMEs in Jeollabuk-do give the customs benefits for SMEs in Jeollabuk-do. Moreover, we are willing to build the network in order to cooperate with organizations and institutes which are related in the Counsil for FTA support center. We will do our best to provide professional information and service for being the support center which is reachable from anybody easily.

    Thank you.
    Yong-Woong, Hong
    CEO of Jeollabuk-do Businss Agency / Chief of FTA Support Center

    Year Established: January 1st,1997 , Business Type: Government supported Institute
    Address: 164, Palgwajeong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, 561-736 R.O. Korea
    Tel : +82-63-711-2000 , Fax : +82-63-711-2090
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